Women & teen self defense seminar

Saturday, January 14th
1:00pm - 5:00pm
Rustard Recreation Center
601 26th Ave E
West Fargo, ND 58078

$99 per person
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Our kickboxing will teach participants the technique on how to throw punches, kicks and knees effectively. Each session will incorporate different combinations, movement patterns and progressions leaving the participant confident not only on their skill set, but on their ability to use their skills if needed in a potentially life-threatening event. Participants should be prepared to learn, sweat, increase confidence and see results not only mentally, but physically. Mixed martial arts transformed my mind and body, it’s time to transform yours!  All exercise levels welcome. (60-minute duration)


WOMEN'S SELF DEFENSE - Self-defense is a set of awareness, assertiveness, verbal confrontation skills, safety strategies, and physical techniques that provide you with the knowledge on how to escape, defend and create awareness to potentially prevent and avoid life-threatening situations.


What to expect in MPX Outdoor Bootcamp?  Participants will expect a high-intensity workout incorporating body weight, small equipment, hills, stairs and additional outdoor elements to enhance their overall fitness.  Bootcamp is for all exercise levels and will include modifications required to perform exercises safely and effectively.  Monthly bootcamp sessions are two times a week with an additional session available on Saturday’s.  Classes are 60-minute durations and offered Spring through Fall.  Pre-registration required with drop-in classes are available for $15.

“I’ve gone to kickboxing for the past year. I went to get in better shape and try something new. I’ve not only gained personal fitness goals, but I’m more confident, made some incredible friends, and have so much fun in class. I love that Mariah works with all fitness levels, I didn’t know anything about kickboxing when I started.” 

- Naomi Mitzel

"I started MPXs kickboxing class over two months ago and it’s been a great addition to my workout schedule. Over the last few years I’ve been weight lifting and running to try and keep in shape. Since I started the kickboxing class it’s been a great way for me to switch things up, learn new skills and get my butt kicked every week by Mariah to help me stay in shape!! Thank you for the great classes and motivation!!"

- Landon Vogel

"Mariah's kickboxing class is everything you would want in a 60 minute cardio class. Whether you want to apply the skills to combative sports or to workout with great people. This class is fun and built to the need of beginners, all the way up to professional athletes. I would highly recommend this class to individuals looking to start mixed martial arts, or to people looking for a great workout."

- Jake Henriksen, Professional Boxer