Victim vs. Warrior

Have you ever wondered why some individuals always come out ahead, while others struggle to make it?  The key variable in most cases, is their mindset! As young children, we begin to make observations leading to the development of our behavioral patterns, perspectives and self-esteem. Parents, friends and additional influences are essential in the early phases of creating a warrior versus a victim mindset.  Individuals can have a warrior mindset in certain areas of their life; however, they may play victim in other areas where they have chosen to deflect instead of reflect, pertaining to unresolved emotions or situations. So how do you know if you have a warrior versus a victim mindset?

The WARRIOR mindset takes unforeseen challenges and turns them into a growth opportunity, whereas a victim will only see the negative components, dueling on the “Why me?” perspective.  Warriors train every element of their being to become their best self. A victim tends to blame other people, time and other elements when they fail to attain their goals.

Being a WARRIOR is an endless challenge, where challenges are simply challenges.

A victim takes everything as a blessing or a curse.

A warrior also has a winning mindset and understands the importance of training their brain to see the potential in every obstacle or challenge.  A warrior has one mindset. That mindset is to be successful, no matter how challenging of the lesson they face. There is no such thing as losing for the warrior; there is only learning.

A victim is pessimistic, requires a scapegoat and will never take responsibility for their actions. They are a passive onlooker, while warriors are driven doers. Victims will pass the buck and have a tunnel vision, believing their way is the only way. The victim creates their own limits and prevents themselves from reaching their full potential. Each of us can transform our way of thinking; however, it requires actively pursuing the skills and time necessary to obtain the warrior mindset.  Listed below are tools to help guide you in achieving a warrior mindset moving forward.


Becoming a WARRIOR is a choice and requires dedication, awareness of your thoughts, and a daily commitment to initiate a different response or reaction to challenges. When facing an unexpected turn of events, allow yourself the time needed to absorb the elements in front of you. Start by asking yourself these basic questions to better assess and reach an optimal outcome.

  1. What is the current situation?
  2. What are you immediate feelings facing the situation?
  3. What are the potential outcomes of the situation?

Slowing down your reaction and assessing is a difficult process when you’re accustomed to reacting based on emotions. Victims are driven by emotions (typically stemming from fear), whereas warriors are motivated and act upon facts. The key is to assess the situation, not react to it. Warriors have learned how to retrain their thought process, allowing them the ability to adjust or respond in a manner where the obstacle becomes a win-win.

“You have the power to be ruled by your fears, or to conquer the world with your strengths. Results versus reactions, warrior versus victim. It’s WARRIOR time!” – Mariah Prussia


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