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“My Doctor suggested that I become more active and increase my muscle mass to help with my autoimmune disease. I have been working with Mariah for 4 years now. I am stronger than I have ever been, and my blood work & arthritis markers are now in a normal range where they were 2-3 times higher before. Mariah encourages me to try new things and to push myself, but she also is very aware of my physical limitations. She is supportive and understanding to what can help me.  I am fortunate to get to work with her every week.”

- Jill Roden

“Mariah has given our daughter two great tools to advance on her life journey. The first is the obvious physical strength training which has enhanced Lia's endurance level to aid in her athletic abilities. The less visible, yet more powerful tool, is the mental conditioning and confidence building which feeds champions. We are ever so grateful to Mariah for her valuable coaching and encouragement as Lia works for the Olympic gold.”

- Sue Nelson

“I have been training with Mariah for two consecutive summers while I am home from New York City. Not only has she made me immensely stronger physically, but also mentally and emotionally as well. She has helped me become in tune with my body and self on all levels. I am so grateful for her mentorship and cannot wait to continue kicking a$$ under her guidance!”

- Ellery Smith