Situational Awareness: Teaching the importance of environmental conditions, identifying potentially harmful individuals; along with educating participants on how to eliminate distractions.

Boundary Setting: The goal of this portion is to teach individuals how to use their verbal and nonverbal skills to defer an assailant from pursuing forward.

Standing Positioning / Hand Control: Each individual will learn how to take away certain strengths of an assailant based on different variables and positions. Hand control, grip, striking and transitions will be the key components for the standing and striking portion.

Ground Escapes: Participants will learn different escapes from submissions/chokes, transitions, including leverage to regain control over their assailant.

The overall goal of the women’s self-defense seminar is to educate women on how to prevent the fight. Knowledge is power!

Self Defense

“Mariah Prussia does a phenomenal job of teaching confidence and other basic tools of self-defense, because it is personal for her. She has been a victim. She stresses the importance of separation from the situation, protecting your back and defending yourself with well-placed strikes. I believe so much in her presentation and tactics, I recommended that our company bring her in for several sessions for our employees and their families.”

- John Dalziel (USMC veteran/ retired FBI Supervisory Special Agent/ Corporate Head of Physical Security)

“The self-defense course offered by Mariah is a great mix of awareness training, empowerment, and practical self-defense. From beginner to expert anyone can benefit from taking this course. As a Psychologist I think it is especially helpful for women's mental health and recovery from trauma. It is a welcoming, supportive atmosphere where women come together and find their inner fighter.”

- Dr. Renae Reinardy, Licensed Psychologist

“Our students had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Mariah Prussia to learn self-defense techniques.  Mariah shared lessons about self-defense strategies and assertiveness.  She taught the students powerful communication skills and easy-to-remember physical techniques.  Her passion and energy were contagious and our students felt empowered.”

- Amy Warrey, 5th Quarter Coordinator, Central Cass High School

“The Fargo Police Departments Community Engagement team loves partnering with Mariah to create programs designed to help mentor youth.  Mariah is very passionate about the youth she works with and wants to see them succeed.  Many of Mariah’s programs build confidence within the youth, allowing them to share emotions with her about issues they are facing.  Mariah then teaches different social and life skills to help them deal with these issues in a positive manner.  I have personally seen how Mariah’s hard work and dedication has impacted the youth. Mariah’s willingness to work with such a diverse group of youth throughout the community has been very beneficial.  The Fargo PD’s Community Engagement team will continue to work with Mariah and find ways to actively involve her in youth programming.” 

- Officer Carlson, Community Trust Officer