Through years of life altering experiences, stemming from abuse, financial strain, single parenting and building a business, Mariah struggled with defining her fight. It wasn’t until Mariah defined her fight, that she was able to define her mission, which is to be on a platform to create a positive ripple effect of change in the masses. Mariah utilizes her story to motivate and connect with individuals who may have faced or are currently working through similar events in their life. Mariah has spoken for large corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organizations with an intent to open the audiences mind to infinite possibilities, while providing hope for new beginnings. Sometimes resisting change, is more challenging the change itself. It’s time for you to DEFINE THE FIGHT! 


“Filled with a passionate purpose to inspire greatness in others, Mariah Prussia speaks with an intense energy, deep wisdom, humor and sincere warmth that is both refreshing and motivating. She is an artful story-teller, energetic coach and powerful force for inspiring students and adults to think and act positively to do and become their very best.”

- Beth Eckre, Former North Dakota & YWCA Teacher of the Year

“Mariah spoke at our Leadership Conference at Microsoft in Fargo. She brought amazing energy that consumed everyone in the room. From the second that she took the stage, she had everyone's attention. She was able to incorporate her personal stories into content that was relevant to every individual. Her successful career was inspiring to learn about, as she is very relatable.”

- Mahar, Azure Success Manager

“Mariah speaks with such passion and inspiration. Her motivational and positive attitude is felt by everyone in her presence and empowers those of all ages to build from strengths within them and strive to be the best version of themselves.”

- Amber Cote, Program Coordinator, Boys & Girls Club of the Red River Valley