Holiday Healing Suggestions

  1. Share experiences and positive memories of your loved ones that have passed
  2. Create a new holiday tradition
  3. Gather with friends for the holidays
  4. Volunteer your time to those in need (organizations provided below)
  5. Self-reflect on who you are and who you want to become
  6. Give thanks to what you have and to the people in your life
  7. Shut off the Hallmark Channel (yes, I have to do this when I am alone on Christmas Day)

“Tis’ the season” encompasses the love shared between family and friends, the act of giving, and, finally, the opportunity to create new and lasting memories. This holiday season, cherish the precious moments, reflect on the past, and prepare for the blessings to come. You may feel alone; however there will always be a place for you at the table with your faith, family and friends. You are never alone!

“You left me beautiful memories, your love is still my guide, and though I cannot see you, I feel you by my side.” – Narin Grewal

Christmas Volunteering Opportunities

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Churches United

Ronald McDonald House

Christmas Gift

Christmas Wish

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