“Do not walk gently, when you were born to be heard.” – Mariah Prussia

Without a strong foundation, your house will break.

Building a strong foundation requires defining your “why,” creating a plan, and making a commitment to yourself. Far too often as women we tend to lose ourselves in our professional lives, parenting roles and to-do lists; only to wake up one morning see our own reflection and wonder, “At what point did I let myself go?” You are not alone, and it is not too late to restore your foundation.




Defining your personal “why,” provides mental clarity, guidance and direction for your passion and purpose in life. Your “why’s” purpose will open your eyes to what you have placed on the back burner pertaining to your overall health and well-being, thus drawing those passions back into your life. Make a list of activities and hobbies you enjoy doing and incorporate them into your “why” statement. Listed below are steps to help define your “why.”

Step 1:  Find a tranquil area where you are able to disengage from the noise of life.

Step 2:  Make a list of things that motivate you, provide you with energy and get you excited to wake up in the morning.

Step 3:  Answer the following questions:
1. What activities make me happy and increase my energy?
2. What is important to me?
3. How would I like to spend my time?
(You are not limited to the questions stated above.)

Keep in mind your personal “why” statement will be unique compared to the example I have provided below. There is not a right or wrong statement, the mission is to write what resonates and connects with you.

“I believe in sharing my passion by educating the community on fitness and nutrition, through motivational speaking and helping others find their voice, so they can share their story.” –Mariah Prussia

Now that you have defined your “why,” it is time to create your plan and vision.



Creating your vision is comparable to setting a goal that you want to bring to fruition. The difference between creating your vision or goal is the utilization of feeling words of satisfaction, along with writing your vision in present tense, as if you have already achieved it. How do you write your vision? Listed below are steps to creating your vision, which require baby steps to achieve your ultimate vision.

Step 1:  Define your ultimate vision/goal you want to achieve.
Example: I want to complete the Fargo Marathon in May.

Step 2:  List four baby steps required to achieve your vision.
Example: train consistently, eat healthy, sleep, incorporate stretching and visualization

Step 3:  Write your baby steps in present tense attaching a feeling word that resonates with you.
Example: I feel energized now that I have prepped my meals on a daily basis, along with consuming nutrient-rich foods that are fueling my body.

Step 4:  Combine your four completed baby steps into your ultimate vision statement.
Example: I am ecstatic now that I have completed the Fargo Marathon. I chose to maximize my full potential and feel energized through meal prep and fueling my body with appropriate nutrient-rich foods.

Step 5:  Keep your ultimate vision in plain view.

Now that you have defined your “why” and have created your ultimate vision, it is time to commit your mind and body into strengthening your foundation. Commit to be fit!



Committing your time, your mind and your body to change is not easy. However, you are worth it!
“Do not walk gently, when you were born to be heard.” Mariah Prussia



Roadblock AHEAD? There will always be a bump in the road.