Stop running; carve your own path!

What is a roadblock? A roadblock is a situation or obstacle you encounter which can increase self-doubt or leave you second-guessing your path in making a life decision. So no matter what tree falls in your path, make sure you pack a chainsaw. Face your roadblock head on, drop your fear at the curb and be the last one standing. What you fail to face now will replace itself in a different form, until you choose to rise up and accept the challenge. A positive mindset is your strongest asset in overcoming obstacles that fall into your path.

Here are your keys to conquering the beast:

  1. What roadblock? Stop avoiding, start facing.
    Avoidance is the most common response to a challenge, creating unnecessary anxiety in your mind, body and life; RELEASE IT-FACE IT-CONQUER IT. Stop holding onto something or someone who no longer suits your energy. First step: Define your roadblock
  2. List the pros and cons
    Writing a detailed list of pros and cons of your roadblock will provide clarity on which direction best suits your needs. You can never fully predict the outcome. However, by prolonging your decision, you are keeping your life in idle mode. Now why would anyone want to stay in neutral, when you have the racetrack ahead?
  3. Make a decision and follow through
    The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes. Move the tree out of your path and progress forward.
  4. Release all forms of negative thinking & self-defeating behaviors
    Negative self-talk is an old habit that dies hard. Most individuals do not realize that their self-talk has become a self-defeating behavior. How can you overcome struggles when you keep telling yourself that you CAN’T? Drop the doubt, the drama and input the drive. Create a belief system in yourself and the rest is history.
  5. Incorporate exercise to release endorphins
    Roadblocks tend to form time restraints that hinder your current progress towards living a healthy lifestyle. When the high water rushes in, put on your rubber boots and make yourself and your fitness top priority. Picture exercise as your life preserver for growth, and without it you will sink.

You have the power to carve your own path and create change where needed, and control over the decisions you make. Avoiding roadblocks prolongs the inevitable, which is making a decision. How many decisions have you came across in your life, and how many more are going to come? Your personal growth is reliant upon the roadblocks you face and overcome; which are the defining moments that create your “true identity.” So carve away!