The word “diets” wouldn’t be plural if the first one worked.

Do you find yourself surfing the web on a daily basis for the next miracle weight loss remedy? If so, you are amongst the millions of consumers looking for instant results with little effort. The truth be told, you didn’t gain weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose it overnight.

Below I have provided a sample menu and the reasoning “why” it is important to be cautious of where you are receiving your information. The health and wellness industry changes like your underwear on a daily basis; which means what you read yesterday, is like heating up last week’s leftovers that need to be thrown in the trash. So let’s keep it simple and manageable moving forward. Keeping in mind, you will have to work for your results, and yes I sensed your eye roll when you read the word “work.”

There are a plethora of infomercials, social media posts, and products online that make my head spin, so I can only assume that your head is spinning as well. Newsfeeds and posts of success stories are very uplifting and motivational, however following what one individual did to reach their goal does not guarantee that it is safe, let alone the right approach or method for you. Avoid jumping on someone else’s weight loss wagon, and find your way through educational tools that have been proven safe and provide a lifelong solution for your overall health and well-being. A quick fix can lead to a quick fall and an overall increase in weight in the end.



  1. Eat every three hours (breakfast, a.m. snack, lunch, p.m. snack and dinner)
  2. Eat a protein-fat-carbohydrate for every meal/snack (the trifecta combination)

Eating every three hours and balancing a protein, fat and carbohydrate for every meal/snack will help stabilize your blood sugar, which in turn will increase your energy, productivity and allow you to burn fat at a faster rate throughout your blood stream. When your blood sugar drops low, your body will begin utilizing your muscle and body’s water supply as a form of energy and weight loss, which will result in a slower metabolism (muscle increases your BMR/metabolism and is needed to increase your caloric output at rest). Usually at this point, your body is tired, lethargic and you feel hangry (hungry/angry); causing your decision-making on nutrition to be well, not so hot. Plan ahead and prevent the hangry mentality from taking place. The key moving forward is to plan ahead and consume as many natural foods as possible. Supplementation has its place. However, supplements should be utilized as a gap filler where you are unable to consume natural produce. Eating in threes will keep you in “the zone” and turn your body into a fat burning and highly functioning machine. Listed below is a sample menu of eating in threes protein-fat-carbohydrate. So remember PFC, not KFC.


Example daily menu:

Eggs or egg whites with vegetables and avocado
*Egg white: protein; Yolk or avocado: fat; Vegetables: carbohydrate

AM Snack
Chobani greek yogurt and unsalted almonds
*Yogurt: protein; Almonds: fat; Fruit in the yogurt: carbohydrate

Grilled chicken salad
*Grilled chicken: protein; Dressing or oil: fat; Vegetables: carbohydrate

PM Snack
Almond butter covered blueberries with hemp seed
*Hemp Seed: protein; Almond butter: fat; Blueberries: carbohydrate

Salmon and steamed broccoli
*Salmon: fat and protein (fat dense fish); Broccoli: carbohydrate

NOTE: The sample menu above does not include the appropriate portion sizes. Yes, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, so portion your meals according to the guidelines provided in the image below (unless you are on special restrictions from your physician).


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“Results are worth the effort, worth the time and worth the long term satisfaction you will reap from doing it the right way.” – Mariah Prussia